Monday, June 25, 2012


We can't believe this is actually going to happen - NEXT WEEK!!  We received our itinerary:

July 5 - Arrive in Beijing
July 6 - visit Great Wall, Cloisonne Factory & Bird's Nest
July 7 - Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City & Hutong Tour
July 8 - Fly to Guangzhou
July 9 - "Gotcha Day!!"  We receive Marcus!
July 10 - Adoption registration
July 11 - Apply for Marcus' passport
July 12 - Free
July 13 - White Cloud Park
July 14 - Medical Exam
July 15 - Guangzhou Folk Art Museum
July 16 - Visa Appointment
July 17 - Pick up Visa
July 18 - Fly Home!!  Grace, David, & Jack meet Marcus!

We are traveling with 7 other couples across the nation using the same agency.  It will be fun to meet all of them.  We will all be touring Beijing together, then splitting off to individual provinces to receive our kiddos and then meeting back up in Guangzhou. 

Time to start packing!

P.S.  It's Marcus Birthday today :)  Wish we were there to celebrate with him :(

Friday, June 8, 2012

TA (Travel Approval)!!

We have officially bought our plane tickets!!

Traveling on July 4 @ 12:05 PM from Chicago and arriving in Beijing at 2:40 PM July 5.  Sometimes we say, "Where did that day go?"  In looking at that schedule, we will wonder very literally, "Where did that day go?"

Leaving Shanghai @ 3:55 PM July 18 & arriving in Chicago @ 4:33 PM July 18.....that will be the longest 38 minutes ever!

We won't know all the blanks in between until a week before the trip.  Time to get excited!