Thursday, May 31, 2012


Jack "Is that my green baby?"
Me "What?!?"
Jack "It's not my pink baby, it's my green baby?"
Me "You're right!  Marcus is wearing green instead of pink!"
When we first got his referral, Jack would refer to him as his "pink baby" because we made such a big deal out of our little boy being in "girl" clothes.  It's nice to see our baby boy in some "boy" clothes - and of course it takes a 3 year old to point it out :)

We're considering having Jack &Marcus share a room, rather than Jack & David.  The room is my first project once school's out....tomorrow!!!  Possibly a jungle theme...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pictures!!! 10 1/2 months

Pictures!!!!  Our baby is so beautiful!!  I received these Friday at lunch.  My 5th & 6th hour were the first to see them - sorry family.  I was so excited!
 My favorite first - So good to see him smiling!

 We thought getting rid of Jack's paci was difficult - this may be a harder habit to break :)
 This reminds me of one of the first pictures we received - his serious face.
 Happy boy!
Just so darn cute!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Marcus Update

We received answers to some questions today.  It is nice to be informed, but makes us more anxious to pick him up soon.

Marcus has a heart condition called "Tetrology of Fallot".  He will need open heart surgery soon after arriving home.  Two months ago when we submitted questions, he was having no symptoms, but now it appears that he is becoming short of breath.  He is still not sitting up or crawling or talking.  A little tiny part of me is happy that we will get to see all of those firsts, but a bigger part of me looks at our friend's kids and nephews the same age who are doing all of these things already.  Part of this may be due to his heart condition, but a much larger part due to being institutionalized.  We need to get him home!

It appears that he received our care package - Yippee!  It also says he can have a temper - Oh boy!  He has a caretaker that he is attached to - this is a good thing - every child needs to feel loved.  His measurements are in a lower percentile, but still on the charts.

Supposedly, pictures coming soon.....we'll see.

We heard the other day that our agency will be sending a group off July 4 and if everything continues to go smoothly, we will be on the trip!!!!  It is so good to have a date on the calendar.

Please keep Marcus in your prayers.  Pray that he will remain healthy and we will be able to travel in July!

Blessings to you all!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Making Progress

Slowly, but surely, things are moving forward.  On April 26, we received our I-800 (immigration approval) and quickly scanned it over to our agency.  One week later on May 5, we received our NVC Cable and Approval (National Visa Center in the U.S. approving paperwork).  We should receive our Article 5 on May 22 and our TA (Travel Approval) in early June.  So what is the bottom line?  Man, that would be nice to know so we can plan our summer!  We are hoping we will meet our son, Marcus, in June.  It would be so awesome to have him on his birthday - June 25, but we will see.  At this point we are happy things are moving along as they should.  By the way, if you are curious on all the China Adoption steps the following is a great site .

We received our Visas to enter China today.  It is starting to feel more real!  Maybe we should start getting practical - set up the crib, locate a carseat, come up with a theme for his room, think about bottles and sippies....

We are having no luck with getting more pictures.  To think he is 10 1/2 months old and our only pictures are when he was only a couple months.  We hope will will recognize our son when we meet him!

That's all for now.  Have a blessed day!