Thursday, May 31, 2012


Jack "Is that my green baby?"
Me "What?!?"
Jack "It's not my pink baby, it's my green baby?"
Me "You're right!  Marcus is wearing green instead of pink!"
When we first got his referral, Jack would refer to him as his "pink baby" because we made such a big deal out of our little boy being in "girl" clothes.  It's nice to see our baby boy in some "boy" clothes - and of course it takes a 3 year old to point it out :)

We're considering having Jack &Marcus share a room, rather than Jack & David.  The room is my first project once school's out....tomorrow!!!  Possibly a jungle theme...

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  1. Hi, just stopping in from the China Adoptions Blog list. We too have a 3 year old Jack that has very interesting theories about everything. We are planning travel in August. I look forward to seeing updates about your trip. Please post any words of wisdom about packing, traveling, activities etc. Best wishes you you all!

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    Warmly, Kara