Tuesday, July 3, 2012

So close!

I refuse to go to the store one more time to pick something else up................that is now Trev's job.  We were planning on leaving to grandma & grandpa's late this afternoon, but the kids are so excited for this whole adventure to start that everything is in the car already at 8:45 am - they put it all in themselves.  Since we used a check list to pack our bag for Marcus, Grace decided to make a checklist for the other kids as well.  She did it on the computer in a table format and packed all 3 of their bags.  Pretty impressive for a 9 year old.

It is so crazy that after all this time of waiting, time presses on, and we are here.  So many different feelings from moment to moment: excitement, joy, worry about Jack,  constant "to do's", nervous anticipation, and then.... God's peace.

Only a couple more hours of craziness, and then time to just go with the flow!

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